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How do I learn more about
Kynar Aquatec® Resin-Based Coatings?

Provide your team with knowledge on highly-weatherable coatings.  Arkema offers several options for your education needs:  AIA approved continuing education courses are availabe on-line 24/7, you can sign up to attend a University of Kynar® seminar that is held several times a year throughout the world, and lastly you can request in-person training at your location (lunch and learn) or live web-based training (webinar) for your group.

AIA Approved Continuing Education - Online

Learn more about field-applied, water-based, low-VOC high performance coatings for superior performance, through our on-line / on-demand AIA approved courses…and earn continuing education credits.

Course Title: Water-based PVDF Coatings for Sustainable Design

Course No.: AK09-W10

Course Description:  This course describes the basics of water-based PVDF coatings and how they help attain sustainability goals. The course begins with a brief description of the components of a weatherable coating, and describes the function of each. Because of its critical role in the weatherability and sustainability properties of water-based PVDF coatings, the chemistry of the carbon-fluoride bond is also described.

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University of Kynar® Seminars

Learn more about Kynar Aquatec® directly from the experts at Arkema!

From time to time, Arkema will offer a half-day to a full-day seminar where we present our AIA courses and invite our licensees and applicators to do the same.  You can acquire a complete education on the resin technology, coating manufacturing, and coating application.  All of the experts in the same room at the same time to answer all of your questions.

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AIA Approved Continuing Education
In Person or Live Web-based Training

In addition to the online courses, we offer the opportunity to have a Kynar Aquatec® expert visit your location to present the AIA approved continuing education courses in person to your team, schedules permitting.  If travel is not possible, we can present these courses as a webinar.  Please fill out the contact form below to request in-person or web-based training.