Protective Coatings Made Better with
Kynar Aquatec® CRX Latex

Protect your high value assets from damaging ultraviolet radiation and weathering exposure. When other topcoats wither and fade, Kynar Aquatec® Resin-Based Coatings thrive in extreme environments.

A Superior Water-Based Protective Coating

Protective coatings formulated with Kynar Aquatec® PVDF latex, a fluoropolymer technology, resists dirt accumulation, mold and mildew growth and has exceptional longevity and weathering resistance due to the polymer’s unique chemical structure.


Kynar Aquatec® 
Protective Coating Benefits:

  • Exceptional Color Retention and Durability
  • Lower Maintenance Costs, Fewer Scheduled Cleanings and Recoats
  • Resists Dirt Accumulation and Mold & Mildew Growth
  • Reflective Coatings Can Lower Internal Tank Temperatures


Protective Coatings with Kynar Aquatec® latex can be formulated to meet:
SSPC Paint 36, AWWA D102-17, IEEE Std C57.12.28

Case Studies for Kynar Aquatec® Protective Coatings

Changwon Tunnel

Jindo Bridge

Protective Coating Applications requiring SSPC Paint No. 36


  • Tank exteriors
  • Rail cars and locomotives
  • Pipelines
  • Conveyors
  • Bridges
  • Wind Towers - onshore and off shore
  • Off shore platforms - exploration and production

*Complies with ISO 12944-5 C5I and C5M topcoat requirements




Testing Protocol 


Test Summary

Protective Coating formulated with 
Kynar Aquatec® CRX
Chemical Resistance ASTM D5402 SOLVENT (MEK) RESISTANCE:  No topcoat visible on a test cloth saturated with MEK  after four sets of 25 double-rubs  Pass
Accelerated Weathering ASTM D4587 Level 3A: 3000 hrs, 375hr Cycles, Color Change < 2.0 ΔE  & 25% gloss from original  reading Pass
Chalking Resistance ASTM D4214   Maximum chalking level of 6 using Reference Photograph No. 1  Pass
Impact Resistance  ASTM D2794 Direct Impact Strength 4.2 kilograms of force per square centimeter [kgf/cm2](or 60 pounds of force per square inch [in-lb] in U.S. units) Pass
Paint Stability  ASTM D1849  <10 Krebs Units after 30 days at 52 ± 1 degrees C (126 ± 2degrees F) Pass

General Chemical Resistance of Protective Coating made with
Kynar Aquatec® CRX vs. Competitive Latex Resins

Property Testing Protocol  Test Summary Kynar Aquatec® CRX Premium Polyurethane  Polysiloxane 



ASTM D6943−15
1 hour immersion
at 25°C (77 °F) 

100% (Wt.)


No Change Not Tested Fail

100% (Wt.)


No Change No Change Fail
100% (Wt.) Gasoline  No Change No Change No Change


Spot Test

16 hour spot
at 25°C (77 °F) 

10% (Wt.)

Nitric Acid

Slight Yellowing  Slight Yellowing Slight Yellowing

10% (Wt.)

Hydrochloric Acid

No Change  No Change Slight Yellowing

10% (Wt.)

Sodium Hydroxide 

Brown Discoloration  Yellow Discoloration  Fail