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For over 2 decades, Kynar Aquatec® PVDF Latex has imparted exceptional weather-ability, color fastness, mold & mildew resistance and dirt-pick up resistance in exterior architectural coating formulations. These properties make Kynar Aquatec® PVDF Latex a natural fit for coatings used in roof restoration projects with demanding long-term color retention requirements and for cool roofing systems requiring a sustained TSR (Total Solar Reflectance) value, while still meeting the most stringent VOC regulations.

Formulate bold metal roof topcoat colors with confidence using Kynar Aquatec® ARC and Kynar Aquatec® FMA-12

Kynar Aquatec® ARC meets the color retention requirements of AAMA 2605, having a similar composition to Kynar 500® PVDF used in ultra-durable OEM metal roof finishes.  After 20 years of south Florida exposure, waterborne coatings based on Kynar Aquatec® ARC track with weathering performance comparable to coatings  formulated with Kynar 500® in a field applied, ambient cure topcoat.

For low VOC coating applications, look to Kynar Aquatec® FMA-12 with its lower minimum film formation temperature (MFFT).  High slope metal roof coatings formulated with Kynar Aquatec® FMA-12 retains exceptional color fastness and UV durability while meeting stringent VOC regulations.